Traditional benefit enrollment is expensive and includes too many manual processes. BeneQuick, a new generation of enrollment software that was designed by experienced enrollment professionals.  We understand the challenges you face in administrating complex benefit sets.  Our system allows unprecedented flexibility while streamlining day-to-day administration. BeneQuick offers ease of use, versatility and price.  Who says you can’t have it all? 

Product Features

Simplicity of Use:
Our intuitive user interface minimizes training requirements and the integrated help screens allow employees to use the system even without training.

Ease of Import & Export:
File importing and exporting is problematic and complex.  The process requires significant IT resources or manual entry.  These problems are a thing of the past due to our FileWizard.  FileWizard provides unprecedented import and export capabilities including the following:
   • Proprietary file import, export and secure transfer WITHOUT IT assistance.
      • Automatic file detection technology maps the majority of fields in an automated basis
      • Automated field formatting including drop down user selections
      • Visual interface allowing for fields to be mapped and tested by the end user
   • End user configuration of secure file transfer

Support for Industry Standards
The X.12 834 Benefits Enrollment and Maintenance transaction is the industry standard for communicating benefits between trading partners.  Our system is built around this transaction.  All data elements in the system directly map to the 834.  The result?  Easy consistent import and export of benefit information.  

Flexable Security Module
Are you a broker with multiple TPAs?  A TPA with multiple Brokers?  A employer with multiple locations and benefit sets?  Our security module allows access to the information you need while ensuring all other information is safeguarded per HIPAA standards.

Automated Change Tracking
Out system logs all benefit changes.  We then provide change log reporting after which you can generate and export the corresponding 834. 

Consolidated Billing & Reconciliation
Billing is one of the most difficult issues facing administrators. Reconciling payroll deductions, employer contributions and carrier payments can be administratively time-consuming.  BeneQuick reconciliation reports help to quickly identify an resolve billing issues.


At Smart Data we know that price matters.  We’ve been working with payers for over 17 years and we know how hard you work for your administrative fees.  That’s why we offer some of the most competitive pricing in the market.

Let us help make your enrollment struggles a thing of the past! Make life easier with our BeneQuick Enrollment Portal! Give us a call today.


BeneQuick Benefit Enrollment Demo - TPA 

Below is a demo of our new BeneQuick Enrollment Portal. This demo specifically shows the set up for a TPA, however we do service other groups as well. Since this is a preliminary demo - some of the design and layout may still change slightly, but the functionality will stay the same. This demo does not show the Billing portion of the portal, but we will have another demo up showing that soon. Check back often for updates!