What do Smart Data Solutions’ mailroom services include?


What do Smart Data Solutions’ mailroom services include?

We provide full mailroom capabilities and we offer the option for opening mailroom facilities in any locations per customer request. Mailroom services include the following:

  • Mail Receipt
  • Mail Sort (currently our most complex client has over 170 claim sorts)
  • Automated Data Base Sorts
  • Document Preparation
  • Scanning (SDS ScanRite Scanner Control Software)
  • Automated Document Control Number (DCN) Assignment
  • Imprinting
  • Bates Stamping
  • Integrated Quality Control
  • Backlit X-Ray Scanning
  • Reject Processing
  • Reject Categorization and Associated Work Queues
  • Routing of Misdirected "White-Mail"
  • Eligibility and Claim Form Return
  • Automated Cover Letter Generation Noting All Reject Reasons
  • Automated Sort and Aggregation by Mailing Address
  • HIPAA Compliant Document Destruction

In addition, our system is complemented our Mailroom Accountability and Control System (MACS) our internally developed mailroom control system. MACS ensures the efficient and timely delivery of mailroom services.

Our mailroom can also process "white-mail" (other documents received at the PO Box, such as doctors notes, collateral and correspondence). White-mail can be sorted by Smart Data staff prior to return or scan. Clients often categorize how they would like white-mail sorted and scanned. In addition, clients typically set-up work queues so client personnel can enter the system and process the white-mail accordingly. Mailroom employees do not leave for the day until production is complete.