Stream Clearinghouse

Smart Data Stream was created by Smart Data Solutions, an thirteen-year-old front-end claims management processor, to focus on providing a value oriented, alternative solution to the inherently ineffective traditional clearinghouse model. Smart Data Stream provides automated, real-time transaction capabilities supported by our vast and continually growing network. With the support of Smart Data Solutions, Smart Data Stream is able to provide automated integration of mailroom, data capture, data editing, and real-time reporting.


Smart Data Stream will identify your top paper submitters and reach-out to them to convert them to electronic submitters. That direct out-reach also creates a one-hop connection to our payers, thus speeding submission and allowing better long-term communications and reconciliation. The first step to Smart Data's conversion process is to analyze your paper and electronic submissions to identify higher volume submitters. Through this process Smart Data reaches out to largest paper submitters, including providers and intermediate clearinghouses, to convert them to submit electronically or identify which clearinghouse is dropping the claim to paper. At the same time Smart Data will negotiate lower per transaction with providers and clearinghouses.

Smart Data Stream's features include:

  • Electronic Claims & Attachments (professional and institutional)
  • Workers Comp eBills and Attachments
  • Direct Connectivity
  • Eligibility
  • Dental
  • DDE and Web Submission Options
  • Claim Status
  • Referrals and Authorizations
  • Electronic Remittance Advice
  • Medicare Crossover Services
  • Data Conversion
  • Data Editing
  • Image Archiving
  • Clinical Editing
  • Provider File Matching
  • Eligibility Matching
  • Duplicate Checking
  • Hierarchical PPO Routing
  • Cost Containment
  • Check and EOB Connectivity
  • Practice Management Interface
  • Smart Data Stream Gateway
  • Provider Outreach Projects
  • Payer ID Supplement in Addition to Clearinghouse Contracts


Smart Data Stream will reduce your per claim transaction cost and increase electronic volumes in the short-term while helping to create an effective and viable electronic network long-term. In addition, Smart Data Stream can provide the following benefits:

  • Reduction in cost
  • Reduction in turn-around time
  • Automation of processes
  • Organizational and process efficiency
  • Productivity gains
  • Increase in electronic volumes
  • Create an effective and viable electronic network
  • Upfront pricing structure
  • No constricting exclusive contracts or IT dollars required for set-up

Reporting, Portals and Support

All of the above services are supported by Smart Data's extensive reporting and easy-to-use portal interfaces that provide automated, real-time tracking and control of all forms. You can locate a claim in your process and view the claim at any time. This system includes detailed error reporting to detect fraudulent, excessive or repetitive claims. In addition, Smart Data Solutions provides dedicated developer support with an unparalleled level of service 24/7. This fully integrated system can be configured to meet your organizations' needs.

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Professionalism, creativity & responsiveness. In our years working with Smart Data Stream, they have assisted in building new processes to deal with workflow issues. In doing so, a great understanding of our business and creativity have been shown. Their IT staff is extraordinary.
— Mindy Stadel, VP of Claims, IHC Health Solutions