Payers/Claims Management


Smart Data Solutions provides a fully integrated end-to-end system that fits the needs and goals of any workers' compensation processing organization. Our streamlined workflow provides an integrated solution that will increase efficiency and accuracy in all areas of billing and attachments. Our workers' compensation solution has been proven to reduce manual bill processes and associated administration expenses.


All the Features you need to Succeed

  • Powerful and flexible workflow automation
  • Cost effective, in-house paper processing
  • Custom data edits and attachment management
  • Portal access with robust query engine and claim organization
  • Form view of received EDI bills
  • Billing line checks
  • PPO and bill review routing
  • Provider outreach
  • Bill and attachment matching logic
  • Customized suspend queues and processes for bill and attachment holds
  • Seamless integration to Bill Review and Claims Management Software
  • Default and custom alerting and reporting
  • Image archiving for bills and attachments
  • Outbound print/bill facilities
  • Federal/State EDI compliance
  • Dedicated and responsive 24/7 support to quickly resolve issues

In addition, access to our online SafeClaim Portal, will allow you to instantly view all of your workers' compensation bills.  All bills can be retrieved via any data on the bill, including patient, injury type, and location.  You receive further support from our experience as a provider of comprehensive bills management systems that automatically integrate mailroom, data capture, data editing, EDI Clearinghouse solutions, and custom solutions.