Company Overview

Learn more about the services Smart Data Solutions offers and the benefits of working with SDS on your healthcare claim processing workflows.

OCR / Data Capture

We take a holistic approach to the OCR and data capture process to streamline workflows and ensure you only get good, clean data.

Technology Solutions

Smart Data Solutions uses artificial intelligence to improve accuracy, consistency, and scalability while reducing costs.

EDI / Clearinghouse

Our EDI Clearinghouse services go beyond the basic requirements to achieve greater automation and efficiency for Payers and Providers.

Medical Claims Routing

The medical reconciliation process can be complex, but our medical claims routing services streamline and consolidate the process to ease the burden.

P&C Workers' Comp

We use our expertise in healthcare to address the nuances of the property and casualty workers’ comp system, while saving you time and money.

Mailroom Overview

Our comprehensive mailroom management capabilities can address all your mailroom needs, from document preparation and scanning to storage and destruction.

Pat's Couch Video Series

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2020 End of Year Recap

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BeneQuick Enrollment with Susan Berndt

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Implementations with Benjamin Gust

HITRUST Certification Process

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Machine Learning Overview

Smart Academy Video Series

BPO Trends in Healthcare

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Why handle the heavy lifting of your claims workflow when a smart team enhanced by AI can?

Our tools, solutions, and continued research into new AI and machine learning processes help payers nationwide reduce costs, achieve greater process efficiency, and reduce turnaround times.

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