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Electronic Data Capture: The Superpower Behind Dental eClaims

It’s no secret that dental billing workflows are a tedious time commitment for dental practices. How well these workflows are managed impacts both dental Providers and the experience patients have.  Smart Data Solutions (SDS) knows just how complex these workflows can be. Our expertise in dental eClaims comes from understanding the practical benefits that streamlined […]

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Dental Electronic Claims Clearinghouse: What Is It and How It Can Optimize Billing

A dental electronic claims clearinghouse can be considered the middleman between dental care Providers and insurance Payers. Think of a clearinghouse as an editor for your dental claims, looking for errors and ensuring the claims can get correctly processed by the Payer. After the claims are checked for inconsistencies, they are routed electronically to the […]

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The Healthcare Technologist’s Guide to Claim Adjudication

Specializing in technology means working in a field of constant change. Increasingly, healthcare and technology overlap as better processes bring greater benefits to Providers, Payers, and Patients alike.  One of these areas of overlap is claim adjudication. Incrementally adding automation to claims processing, such as upstream data validation and downstream document routing, adds efficiency to […]

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The Minimalist Guide to Modernization in Claim Adjudication Services

Every institution is on the hunt for efficiency gains. Streamlining work and automating processes lowers costs and saves money. It’s no surprise that Healthcare Payers have made transformation and modernization a top priority in the years to come. How does this play out in everyday work? There are many places an organization can modernize, but […]

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Smart Data Solutions Acquires ClaimLynx Clearinghouse

August 3, 2022 – Eagan, Minnesota – Smart Data Solutions (SDS), a leading provider of data management, claim routing, and workflow solutions to Health Plans and TPAs, acquires ClaimLynx, a Minnesota-based medical claims clearinghouse. The move to acquire ClaimLynx first started in Q1 of 2021, as Smart Data Solutions was looking to expand its clearinghouse […]

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How Do Dental Billing Services Work?

Dental billing service entities are essentially the middleman between the dental providers and the insurance payers. The dental billing process is complex and messy, requiring hands-on attention. Unfortunately, many dental practices are on the smaller side. Typically, the administration and billing services are combined, leaving little to no time to handle each function appropriately which […]

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