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Smart Data Solutions’ proprietary cloud-based platform, QuickClaim, is a secure user interface for SDS customers that allows them to view, track, and access reporting on their submitted claims and correspondence. Our QuickClaim platform is fully customizable and has features to bring greater access and transparency to your documents being worked.

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A Visual Guide to SDS' Workflow for the No Surprises Act 1

A Visual Guide to SDS’ Workflow for the No Surprises Act

2022 is upon us which means the final rule of the No Surprises Act (NSA) is in effect. As a brief summary of the NSA, it’s a rule focused on increasing transparency of medical billing for medical care performed by an Out-of-Network Provider. The Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS) introduced the rule in […]

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7 Ways Customization Can Improve Workflow Queues in Healthcare 2

7 Ways Customization Can Improve Workflow Queues in Healthcare

As the regulatory environment grows and the complicated nature of medicine continues to require an “all hands on deck” approach, insurance Payers are searching for ways to get more done with less effort.  Payers have broad responsibilities from provider satisfaction, to communicating guidelines with healthcare administration teams. This role is critical in a properly functioning […]

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dental insurance claims processing

Dental Insurance Claims Processing 101

Dental claims processing entails all aspects of giving care to patients, starting from the moment a patient is registered until the explanation of benefits (EOB) and payments are completed. Dental insurance claims are submitted via paper and electronically.   Electronic transactions are where clearinghouses such as the Smart Data Stream Clearinghouse come in.  Clearinghouses give dental […]

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Mailroom Overview Video

Claims Management Services: Why Your Company Needs Them

Managing claims processing in-house can be a lot for a business to handle, and outsourcing is a beneficial solution to combat that. There are numerous reasons for a business to have a professional handle their claims management services. Why You Should Outsource Claims Management Services Someone else handles vendor communications Less overhead for your business […]

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streamlined healthcare

The 2020 Guide to Streamlined Healthcare Solutions

Thanks to technological advancements and streamlined healthcare solutions, the healthcare industry continues to improve. From follow-up appointments to making payments online, the world of healthcare has been ever changed thanks to advancements in technology—in addition to a willingness from providers and healthcare workers to make their lives and the lives of patients more manageable. We […]

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