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A Smarter Class of Clearinghouse 1

A Smarter Class of Clearinghouse

The healthcare landscape is crisscrossed by an invisible highway system, jam-packed with the constant exchange of digital information between payers and providers. Without third parties to direct traffic and prevent pileups, these information highways would inevitably grind to a halt. Preventing this gridlock disaster is the job of healthcare clearinghouses, software-driven digital hubs that securely […]

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SDS acquires claimlynx clearinghouse graphic orange background

Smart Data Solutions Acquires ClaimLynx Clearinghouse

August 3, 2022 – Eagan, Minnesota – Smart Data Solutions (SDS), a leading provider of data management, claim routing, and workflow solutions to Health Plans and TPAs, acquires ClaimLynx, a Minnesota-based medical claims clearinghouse. The move to acquire ClaimLynx first started in Q1 of 2021, as Smart Data Solutions was looking to expand its clearinghouse […]

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Hands of medical workers having discussion in the office

3 Reasons Clearinghouses are a Quick Win for EMR Optimization

Data is growing exponentially and, as long as the population continues to grow, so will the data associated with electronic record keeping. This is especially prevalent in the health and medical industries, and in digital record keeping specifically.  Optimizing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Electronic Health Records (EHR) is a critical step in efficiently and […]

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Pats chair with Chris Mueller

Clearinghouse Solutions Overview: A Conversation with Chris Mueller

Our CEO, Pat Bollom, sat down with Chris Mueller, Clearinghouse Business Director at SDS, to discuss some of the solutions that our Smart Data Stream Clearinghouse can provide for both Payers and Providers. You can also watch the video of their discussion here. Pat: I will start out by asking you what enhancements have we […]

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Doctor working on computer

Dental Electronic Claims Clearinghouse: What Is It and How It Can Optimize Billing

A dental electronic claims clearinghouse can be considered the middleman between dental care Providers and insurance Payers. Think of a clearinghouse as an editor for your dental claims, looking for errors and ensuring the claims can get correctly processed by the Payer. After the claims are checked for inconsistencies, they are routed electronically to the […]

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Healthcare Clearinghouse: What it is and How it Can Help

A healthcare clearinghouse is essentially the middleman between the healthcare providers and the insurance payers. A clearinghouse checks the medical claims for errors, ensuring the claims can get correctly processed by the payer. Once clean claims are established, the claims and any associated medical records are sent electronically to all appropriate medical organizations. Clearinghouses also […]

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