Smart Data Solutions' Videos




SDS Overview Video

This is an overview video presented by Pat Bollom & John Prange, the Co-CEO's of Smart Data Solutions. This video gives some insight into how they started and where we are today and how the business has grown.



SDS Nepal Staff

This is a fun short video of some of our Nepal staff members. They are great to work with and we value all the talent we have over in Nepal!



SDS Appeals & Intake

There are many unique challenges associated with processing intake. Learn how SDS leverages OCR and natural language processing to provide an unprecedented level of automation resulting in improved turn-around-time and lower cost.



SDS Clearinghouse

Smart Data Solutions has developed an end-to-end workflow to take in both paper and electronic attachments, meaning we can take in medical documentation along with the original claim, either solicited or unsolicited from the provider and process it all the way through for the payer without any delays. 

BeneQuick Benefit Enrollment Portal

Taditional benefit enrollment is expensive and includes too many manual processes. BeneQuick, a new generation of enrollment software that was designed by experienced enrollment professionals.  We understand the challenges you face in administrating complex benefit sets.  Our system allows unprecedented flexibility while streamlining day-to-day administration. BeneQuick offers ease of use, versatility and price.  Who says you can’t have it all? 

BeneQuick Benefit Enrollment Portal Demo - TPA

Below is a demo of our new BeneQuick Enrollment Portal. This demo specifically shows the set up for a TPA, however we do service other groups as well. Since this is a preliminary demo - some of the design and layout may still change slightly, but the functionality will stay the same. This demo does not show the Billing portion of the portal, but we will have another demo up showing that soon. Check back often for updates! 

SDS eAttachments

Electronic attachments will replace the costly and time-consuming paper and fax-based attachment processes common today.

Some of these attachments will be unstructured images you’re already familiar with. Others will be flexible, structured clinical documents that you can import, query, and analyze, enabling further automation.


SDS Intake & Processing Center

Take a virtual tour of our new Mailroom Facility, located in Eagan, MN. The much larger space is great for additional growth. 

We have the ability to accommodate all aspects of a mailroom and over half of our clients currently utilize our mailroom!  

From intake, document prep, scanning, document storage, document destruction, and outbound mail, we can handle it all.