Helping Providers Build Resilience and Navigate the Aftermath of the Cyber Attack

Posted by Shashi Yadiki on March 20th, 2024
Shashi Yadiki
Shashi is Chief Executive Officer with over two decades of experience as a global IT innovator. With a deep-seated passion for advancing technology in healthcare, he frequently shares his insights as a speaker on topics including AI-enabled solutions. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Indian Institute of Management Bangalore and is based in Dallas, Texas.

It has been a month and still we continue to navigate the aftermath of the recent cyberattack on Change Healthcare. According to this report on TechTarget, the attack compromised the platform’s ability to process over 15 billion claims annually.  

Payers face difficulties in receiving and processing claims leaving providers in a challenging situation. Many providers are scrambling to settle their bills, while others are left pondering the viability of keeping their practices running. Recently, Dr. Christine Meyer in her WSJ podcast mentions that she even contemplated leveraging her home equity to avert closure of her practice.  

Smart Data Solutions (SDS) Clearinghouse Support to Impacted Clients 

At SDS, we have mobilized a team dedicated to supporting healthcare clients impacted by the incident. We have successfully assisted over 5,000 providers and more than 20 payers affected by the attack, enabling them to transition to SDS clearinghouse platform for claim processing. 

Provider Portal 

Our Smart Data Stream Clearinghouse Provider Portal makes things easy. Whether it is automated file feeds, direct data entry, or just dragging and dropping files, we have made sure providers can get set up in under 10 minutes and submit their claims. 

SDS is actively assisting providers who are looking to minimize downtime and reconnect to ensure continuity of care. So, if you are struggling to submit your claims, click here to Register or call our Provider Support team at 855-297-4436.  

About SDS Clearinghouse Platform 

SDS Clearinghouse platform leverages artificial intelligence, analytics, and optimized workflows, designed to support a comprehensive range of healthcare transactions.  This includes claims clearing (837 and 835), provider enrollment, real-time eligibility verifications, and the full suite of 27x transactions such as eligibility inquiries (270/271), claim status requests (276/277), healthcare information status notifications (278), ensuring efficiency and security in all operations. 

For more information click here. 

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Helping Providers Build Resilience and Navigate the ...

It has been a month and still we continue to navigate the aftermath of the recent cyberattack on Change Healthcare. According to ...
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