Posted by Smart Data Solutions on June 10th, 2012
Smart Data Solutions

St. Paul, Minnesota – July 10, 2012 — Smart Data Solutions has announced a new OCR process that involves multiple OCR engines for greater efficiency and accuracy of claims. This new OCR process has been proven to provide 300% productivity gains for Smart Data clients.

This announcement comes as the healthcare industry continues to face increasing pressure to lower costs while maintaining quality. Smart Data’s new OCR solution can help healthcare organizations deliver better value.

Overall, Smart Data Solutions’ new OCR process will improve quality, reduce costs, and shorten turn-around time for its clients. The Smart Data OCR engines are able to perform OCR on
black-and-white forms as well as red drop forms, allowing the cost and time savings to be applied to nearly all claims.

Smart Data ensures such high quality claims by enhancing the OCR process with back-end labor, editing, and management tools. Overall, fields that are read by OCR remain far more accurate than human keyed fields.

“Smart Data Solutions is able to guarantee unprecedented quality for each individual process by tuning our OCR process to each client’s specific needs,” explains Pat Bollom, the company’s

The whole SDS OCR solution is integrated with the company’s web-based claims management and control system. All data captured via the OCR process can be viewed and edited via a secure Web portal. This allows for any issues that may arise to be resolved immediately, resulting in cheaper and faster claims processing.

Smart Data Solutions provides a comprehensive claims management system that automatically integrates mailroom, data capture, data editing, EDI clearinghouse solutions and a variety of custom solutions critically needed by today’s healthcare industry. In addition, Smart Data clients can quickly and easily view documents, reports and automated alerts throughout the claims process. Today, more than 140 TPAs, PPOs, HMOs, hospitals and insurance companies depend on SDS technology to save money and streamline their business. From paper processing to claims management and EDI, Smart Data Solutions offers the solutions critically needed by today’s health care industry. For more information about Smart Data Solutions please visit our web site at, contact Pat Bollom at 651.690.3140 or email

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