Posted by Smart Data Solutions on May 5th, 2013
Smart Data Solutions

St. Paul, Minnesota – May 5, 2013 – Smart Data Solutions, announced today their

medical claims clearinghouse subsidiary, Smart Data Stream has introduced an

enhanced provider clearinghouse portal. Smart Data Stream delivers revenue

cycle management and EDI solutions that help physician practices increase

profitability. The enhanced portal is said to be the simplest, most intuitive EDI

solution to submit, track and reconcile claims.

Smart Data Stream’s newly enhanced provider portal provides a clean and

simple electronic gateway solution to managing claim revenue cycles. The

ultimate goal is to reduce turn-around time and increase payment speed. Smart

Data Stream understands how crucial it is for providers to not only have claims

paid quickly but to also ensure minimal time and resources are spent in their

revenue management.

“ For over a decade we have helped providers get paid more quickly and

efficiently, with improved accuracy and far less administrative hassle.” Said Pat

Bollom, Smart Data Solutions CEO. “ We are pleased to say that thousands of

providers are now able to focus more on delivering quality care than dealing

with the hassles of administrative issues.”

Smart Data Stream’s simple, cost effective solution provides a customized,

secure and accurate electronic submission solution. Flexible pricing and

reporting features are based on the organizations needs and Smart Data Stream

offers a choice between a low fixed monthly price or per transaction pricing at

the lowest market rates. There are no hidden fees, exclusive contracts or IT dollars

required for set-up. SDS also provides each organization with an around-theclock

team of dedicated developers to provide top of the line support and

immediate feedback. The Industry Leading enhanced provider portal is a cost

effective solution that will increase your EDI penetration, provide better tracking

and reporting and offers more transaction sets such as: 270/271 eligibility status

requests, 276/277 claims status inquiries, 835 remits and 834 benefit enrollment.

For an easy screen shot walkthrough of the Smart Data Stream submission

process, follow this link:, and discover

how Smart Data Stream can simplify your process.

About Smart Data Stream

Smart Data Stream was created by Smart Data Solutions, a thirteen year old

front-end claims management processor, focused on providing a value

oriented, alternative solution to the inherently ineffective traditional

clearinghouse model. Smart Data Stream provides automated, real-time

transaction capabilities supported by our vast and continually growing network.

With the support of Smart Data Solutions, Smart Data Stream is able to provide

automated integration of mailroom, data capture, data editing, and real-time

reporting. For more information about Smart Data Stream

or for inquiries on pricing and product demos please visit our website at or contact Mark Fogarty at 651.690.0048 or

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