Posted by Smart Data Solutions on August 15th, 2013
Smart Data Solutions

August 15, 2013 – St. Paul, Minnesota –Smart Data Solutions, a Minnesota –based provider of data processing solutions for the health care industry, today announced a campaign to clarify its identity against a similarly named Tennessee company who was recently indicted by a federal grand jury on numerous counts.

“We are very concerned that our customers and prospects might confuse our company with the company indicted,” explained Pat Bollom, the company’s co-owner. “Because we both serve clients in the health care industry, we feel it critical to clarify our status as a wholly separate entity.”

In late June, Smart Data Solutions LLC of Tennessee, a subsidy of American Trade Association, was shut down and assets were seized after being indicted by a federal grand jury on 57 counts of wire and mail fraud, conspiracy, money laundering and embezzlement in connection with a nationwide health-insurance scam.

According to the indictment, the owner’s of the Tennessee company operated the scheme from two locations in Springfield, selling bogus health insurance policies to more than 17,000 customers nationwide, and collecting more than $28 million in premiums and then failing to pay claims, while diverting millions of dollars to their personal use.

“As an independent, Minnesota-based S-Corp, we have absolutely no affiliation with the Tennessee company,” continues John Prange, the Minnesota based company’s

co-owner. “We are taking steps to broadly communicate that we have nothing to do with their business, their illegal practices, or their ownership.”

Effective immediately, Smart Data Solutions Inc. will begin emailing clients, prospects and vendors with this crucial clarification.  Other communications will follow to further underscore the company’s identity. Meanwhile, anyone in need of further clarification is invited to contact Pat Bollom at 651.690.3140.

For more than 13 years, Smart Data Solutions Inc. has been leveraging technology to meet the needs of health care claims managers.  Today, more than 160 TPAs, PPOs, HMOs, hospitals and insurance companies depend on SDS technology to save money and streamline their business.  From paper processing to claims management and EDI, Smart Data Solutions offers the solutions critically needed by today’s health care industry. For more information please contact Pat Bollom at 651.690.3140 or visit our website at www.sdata.us.

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