Posted by Smart Data Solutions on June 8th, 2015
Smart Data Solutions

June 8, 2015 – Cooperative Exchange, the national association representing organizations in the healthcare information technology and transaction industry, approved the membership of Smart Data Solutions, a Minnesota based, industry leading provider of effective, high-quality document and transaction processing solutions.

“Smart Data Solutions is excited to join the Cooperative Exchange,” said Pat Bollom, CEO. “We look forward to the continuation of our relationships and taking part in the forum that the Exchange provides to collaborate on issues and create solutions that benefit everyone in the industry.”

“The Cooperative Exchange is very excited that Smart Data Solutions has joined our organization.” stated Sherry Wilson, Cooperative Exchange President. “Their industry expertise in automated transaction management and diversity in healthcare will be extremely valuable to the organization’s ongoing initiatives to streamline end to end workflow automation, and decreasing stakeholder cost and improve patient care outcomes.”

About Smart Data Solutions
Smart Data Solutions is an industry leading provider of effective, high-quality document and transaction processing solutions. Additionally we assist with regulation reporting, legislation adherence, data quality validating, and workflow. Smart Data Solutions has been managing healthcare collateral and transactions for over 15 years. Our services have helped more than 200 health care payers, providers and networks across the United States reduce costs, decrease turn-around-time, improve accuracy, enhance process transparency, and increase process capability and control. We achieve these benefits by leveraging our IT and healthcare expertise – specifically, by streamlining and automating client transaction management.

About Cooperative Exchange
Cooperative Exchange was established in 2002 to promote and advance electronic data exchange for the healthcare industry by improving efficiency, advocacy and education to industry stakeholders and government entities. The organization represents over 80% of the clearinghouse industry and process annually over 4 billion plus claims representing $1,1 trillion, from over 750,000 provider organizations, through more than 7,000 payer connections and 1,000 HIT vendors. Members include: American Medical Association (AMA); Apex EDI; ASC X12N; Availity, LLC; AXIOM Systems, Inc.; BancTec; Cerner; ClaimRemedi; Emdeon; eProvider Solutions; Dorado Systems ; GE Healthcare; Greenway Health; Health-e-Web, Inc.; HDM Corp.; InMediata; InstaMed; Jopari Solutions, Inc.; Medical Electronic Attachments (MEA) ; NextGen Healthcare; OfficeAlly; OptumInsight; PassportHealth; PracticeInsight; RelayHealth; Smart Data Solutions; The SSI Group; Trizetto Provider Solutions; Utah Health Information Exchange (UHIN); WEX, Inc.; WorkCompEDI; Xerox EDI Direct; ZirMed. For more information, visit

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