Data Capture Solutions: 5 Surprising Benefits of Utilizing Data Capture Services for Your Company

Posted by Brinna Hanson on October 25th, 2019
Brinna Hanson
Brinna is a marketing professional and graduate of the University of Minnesota. Brinna joined Smart Data Solutions in 2019 to assist the marketing department reach new heights with a focus on the HubSpot inbound process. From her time at Smart Data as well as at previous internships, Brinna has been able to gain knowledge in many different aspects of marketing as a whole.

Automated data capture with OCR (optical character recognition) offers many advantages compared to traditional manual capture processes. These benefits can include faster turnaround times, higher security, and can also perform validation checks and can catch errors that manual processes might otherwise miss.

More Data with Less Storage

Inhouse imaging and data capture processing requires a significant physical footprint within your organization. The mail facility requires space for receiving, opening, sorting, and imaging. Storing the scanned paper takes up large volumes of space depending on the size of the on-hand archive maintained.

Shredding equipment and disposal bins also take up significant floor space. Lastly, the personnel doing the data capture can fill entire floors of some buildings. Outsourcing the capture allows you to reclaim all of this space and use it for other purposes.

Reducing Mistakes and Improving Accuracy

One of the biggest issues with handling paper claims, and manually transcribing is the high rate of error. Even with diligent quality control processes, human error happens. Integrating automated quality control checks allows the capture process to quickly, and accurately scan information for accuracy.

Sophisticated data capture processes can go beyond simple validation and can also detect provider, patient or billing errors within the claim forms. This automation is more accurate than manually auditing and takes less time, money, and resources.

No Missed Information

OCR, Optical Character Recognition, and ICR, Intelligent Character Recognition, are incredible technologies that allows the machines to recognize multiple typefaces and handwritten documents. This recognition converts text from the paper form into a digital format. This can be applied across all form types and proprietary or non-standard documents.

Fast Turnaround Time

With automated data capture, paper claim forms can be processed much more rapidly compared to manual processing. Manual conversion processes can take 24-48 hours or potentially more in some cases. Processing documents within a shorter period of time is a game-changer and creates a responsiveness in the system allowing for faster communication, payment processing and error resolution.

Increased Security

Data capture services can also alleviate a lot of the security pains associated with handling paper. With manual capture, there can often be limited accountability and oversight. Automated capture systems feature sophisticated user access controls and access logs, allowing for increased security and accountability.

Smart Data Solutions has every resource you need to make this transition to fully utilize data capture services for your company. From an outsourced mailroom, to high security protocols, and highly-trained professional staff, SDS has all the tools needed to support your pre-adjudication workflow. Call us to get started at (651) 894-6400.

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