Keeping Up with Technology as an Insurance Provider

Posted by Smart Data Solutions on November 5th, 2019
Smart Data Solutions

Technology is changing the way many healthcare providers and insurance companies service their patients. Recently, we have seen advancements across many areas of the healthcare process and with technology moving so quickly, keeping up with the latest changes can often be difficult for those not in the know. Here are a few trending technologies that insurance providers are using currently to stay up to date.

The Driving Force of Electronic Records

The world is going digital, and healthcare is no exception. In association with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the EMR Mandate was put in place, effective 2014. This legislation was in hopes of creating more funding and incentives for healthcare professionals or physicians who are ready to adopt electronic medical records. The federal mandate was put in place requiring all private and public healthcare providers to use digital medical and health records by 2014. This was to ensure “meaningful use” and improve patient care overall. Electronic health records are a little different than medical records, but all must be electronically cataloged. Medical records are more granular in nature, and have more specific details on patient visits and services. Their health record is a fully comprehensive record of their overall health and lifetime history. Using data capture and ensuring these records are easily accessible digitally to patients is changing healthcare as we know it. 

Faster Payment with Electronic EOBs and Claims

EOBs, Explanation of Benefits, and EOPs, Explanation of Payments, can take weeks to arrive via mail to a patient or provider. Electronic remittances offer faster payment and can be integrated with practice management systems to create a more comprehensive revenue cycle management process allowing providers to easily track if claims are paid or not. Additionally, electronic payment can get the provider paid much more rapidly than printing and mailing a physical check.

Telehealth Makes it Easier to Find Time for Appointments and Follow-ups

Recently, it’s becoming more frequent that patients are able to use online healthcare portals, websites, or apps to manage their appointments and follow-ups. Some services even allow face-to-face communication with a health provider offering remote treatment options within the patient’s home. Telehealth brings an unparalleled level of access and ease of use for patients. 

On-the-go Convenience of SMS & App Notifications for Patients & Providers

In the digital world, most people use a smartphone for many of their online activities. Many people enjoy the convenience of receiving text reminders for appointments, test results, or setting appointments without having to make a phone call. Smartphones are making everyone’s life easier and allows them to carry endless information in the palm of their hand. Their healthcare shouldn’t be left out of that.

Smart Data Solutions believe in keeping up with the latest technology and innovative solutions to provide increased accessibility to payers, patients, and providers. Technology helps facilitate communication closing the gap between all points of contact. We can help you! Give us a call or fill out our contact form here!

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