Robotic Process Automation & Task Automation: Why They Work and How They Can Benefit Your Business.

Posted by Smart Data Solutions on March 26th, 2020
Smart Data Solutions

Many of you may have heard about robotic processing and task automation but you may have some questions about how these processes can be applied to your business. You may be aware that they can streamline activities and can improve accuracy and efficiency but task automation does more than just doing away with manual processes.

So, why does task automation work for businesses? How can it be implemented in a way that truly benefits you? At a high level, automation is often most successful when there are well-documented business rules around a process. If someone is making decisions following business rules a strong case can be made for automation as those rules can be replicated in code and then applied automatically.

How Does Automating Business Rules Benefit a Business?

Automation can help you define important business rules and make decision-making easier by programming them directly into your systems, plus these other benefits. Incorporating these automation and decision assisting tools directly into your system helps standardize processes by setting guidelines and templates that everyone uses.

Streamlined Decision-Making

Some processes may require an employee to make an important decision based on different data points. These factors may dictate how a patient is categorized, treated, or covered. With an automated decision assisting process, the system can guide the staff through the steps automatically, mitigating risks of making the wrong choice.

For example, parameters can be put in place to only administer medication to a patient if they are this gender, with these symptoms, and without these allergies. Rules can be put in place that guide users through the process based on certain factors like age, gender, smokers vs. non-smokers, and medical history and so on. The outcomes and treatments for these situations can be automated based on the information entered by the staff.

Decrease Errors and Improve Accuracy

The streamlined automated decision assisting tools can also help reduce errors by applying checks to ensure that all inputs are valid. Systems can rapidly detect and draw attention to values which fall outside of usual and customary amounts. This screening process not only helps ensure proper patient care, but also reduces any fraud, waste, and abuse as well. Additionally, automation helps maintain consistency amongst all workers and corresponding workflows resulting in repeatable high-quality service.

Simplify Complex Data

There are many complex processes in healthcare that oftentimes require extra or ongoing training, and only certified personnel can handle those tasks. Task automation can simplify these complex tasks in a way that makes it easier to streamline the workflow across multiple staff or departments. This automation can eliminate many tedious steps resulting in a workflow taking much less time, effort, and people to accomplish the same task.

How to Keep up With Changing Trends and Necessary Updates

Your IT team can automate system-wide updates deploying information to all downstream and connected employees. This reduces issues with outdated forms, changing workflows, or other process changes. AI can be put in place to alert your IT team to new forms, industry news, and other ways to improve processes. This automation can save a lot of time and money without having to add additional training or staff.

What is SDS Doing to Continue to Automate?

At Smart Data Solutions, automating workflows is our specialty. We know the value that AI and technology can have in the healthcare industry and have made it our mission to help our clients automate across all platforms and workflows. We work very closely with our clients to ensure we integrate the proper machine learning technologies to suit their needs and existing systems. Once automated, accuracy becomes more stable, throughput increases and any labor savings is a savings magnified by the volume going through those processes.

For more information on how we can assist in task automation within your business, fill out our contact form above.

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