Corporate Accountability: Holding Businesses Responsible for Their Sensitive Processes

Posted by Smart Data Solutions on April 9th, 2020
Smart Data Solutions

Corporate Accountability: Holding Businesses Responsible for Their Sensitive Processes

In the battle of corporate responsibility versus corporate accountability, which one is more critical to the success of a business? Corporate responsibility is the idea that corporations have a responsibility to act morally and ethically to world issues. Corporate accountability focuses more on a business’s social responsibility outside of their financial successes. 

When all personnel within a company maintains corporate accountability, it can be a substantial boost to help solidify a business at the top of their industry. Every single person in the company acts with their personal corporate responsibility in mind knowing their reputation is at stake.

What Can Businesses Do to Ensure Corporate Accountability?

There are a few ways in which businesses can make sure that they are instituting corporate accountability throughout their organization. Here are some that have deemed successful when utilized by businesses, specifically in the healthcare industry.

Service Level Agreements

Businesses can build out detailed service level agreements (SLA) to share with current or prospective clients or customers. An SLA is a contract between the service provider and a client. We will use the relationship of service provider and client, in this case.

At Smart Data Solutions, our typical SLAs include field-level accuracy requirements for data capture and overall turn around time. For clients, we perform inline auditing to identify any errors that may occur during data capture and have several automated systems, dashboards, and alerting tools to track and manage turnaround time.

The more detailed our SLAs can get around what exactly we will be providing, the more protection we have when a client is dissatisfied or claims errors. We can refer to the SLA and determine if we met our expectations agreed upon with the client. For procedures like electronic claims processing, where we are simply relaying information, the SLA can make it clear that any mistakes in the data itself, would have occurred before it reached SDS.

Staying on Top of Industry Trends

Staying on top of industry trends, news, and social changes can be crucial to ensuring corporate responsibility and accountability in an ever-changing business environment. The last thing you want for your company is to be unaware of a new social expectation and fall short when it comes to your responsibility as a business. 

Following Through With Their Corporate Responsibilities

You frequently see companies making major shifts in business strategy to cater to the environment or equality or some other social stance. Which is good! These instances show where companies are making a move towards boosting their corporate responsibility. Once a statement like that is made, that puts a new level of expectation on them to follow through.

Smart Data Solutions is consistently working towards improvements and technological advancements to keep up with changing rules and regulations in the healthcare industry. We are industry-leading in workflow automation, and that requires maintaining our corporate responsibility within the industry, keeping up with technology trends, highly advanced security requirements, and HIPAA regulations. We strive to keep clients satisfied and above the curve when it comes to automation. Our mission and values tell our story, and if you want to learn more about how to bring your business to the next level with workflow automation, give us a call!

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