Smart Data Solutions Celebrates Their 20 Year Anniversary

Posted by Brinna Hanson on June 22nd, 2020
Brinna Hanson
Brinna is a marketing professional and graduate of the University of Minnesota. Brinna joined Smart Data Solutions in 2019 to assist the marketing department reach new heights with a focus on the HubSpot inbound process. From her time at Smart Data as well as at previous internships, Brinna has been able to gain knowledge in many different aspects of marketing as a whole.

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June 22, 2020 – Eagan, Minnesota – Smart Data Solutions, a MN based collateral-processing and workflow automation service, celebrates 20 years in business this month.  Over two decades ago Co-CEOs and business partners, Pat Bollom and John Prange, started Smart Data Solutions to provide customized solutions to multiple entities across the healthcare space. The business has since evolved to offer paper processing, clearinghouse services, enrollment processing, and technology services.

Since Smart Data Solutions’ inception, they have grown their customer base significantly to now serve over 400 healthcare payers, providers, and networks across the United States. Throughout the years, operations have expanded to multiple locations including their corporate office and mail processing centers in Eagan, MN and BPO facility in Superior, WI. Smart Data Solutions also has a software development facility in Katmandu, Nepal and various BPO facilities within 5 countries.

Even as operations have grown significantly over the years, Smart Data Solutions has always stayed true to health insurance carriers, TPAs, HMOs, PPOs, IPAs, Medicare, Medicaid, ACOs, and anyone else that needs to move or process a medical transaction, claim, record, receipt, enrollment, or other collateral. Through the use of automation and machine learning the product suite has grown in complexity, allowing for more customized workflows.

When asked about Smart Data Solutions turning 20 years old, Pat Bollom, Co-CEO of Smart Data Solutions said, “I am ecstatic and shocked since it doesn’t seem that long ago. There have been a lot of ups and downs – but we have had a great time, the stories we have are awesome and we have so many people to thank.” He continued, “I’ve learned patience in the last 20 years. Patience and understanding (as cliché as it sounds) is really key to a successful partnership with both customers and vendors.”

John Prange, Co-CEO of Smart Data Solutions mentioned what he envisions for the future of Smart Data, stating, “We’ve always been entrepreneurial, and I see that continuing into our future.  This includes expanding our footprint in the clearinghouse space as well as leveraging our AI infrastructure to automate higher level workflows.” John continued, “Everything we’ve accomplished has been the result of a team effort. It begins with Pat and his sales team; they have always done an incredible job demonstrating value. In addition, our technical team has continued to innovate to ensure we provide our customers with higher quality automation at a lower cost.”

Smart Data Solutions was looking forward to celebrating 20 years in business with their customers at their 2020 Customer Symposium, which has since been postponed due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. The Smart Data team looks forward to celebrating this milestone in other ways, until it is safe to host a larger celebratory event with customers and prospects alike.

About Smart Data Solutions

As a leader in the healthcare industry for applying AI to complex workflows, Smart Data Solutions has been leveraging automation technology to enable cost savings, efficiency, and improved quality to meet the needs of healthcare claims managers, for twenty years. Today, more than 400 TPAs, PPOs, HMOs, hospitals and insurance companies depend on SDS technology and innovations to save money and streamline their business.  From paper processing to claims management and EDI, Smart Data Solutions offers the solutions critically needed by today’s health care industry. For more information about Smart Data Solutions please visit our website at or contact us at 651.894.6400.



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Angie Vaticalos
Angie Vaticalos
3 years ago

Congratulations on 20 Years!

Shalu Pandey
Shalu Pandey
3 years ago

Congratulations John,Pat and SDS family.Best wishes!Love from Nepal.

Sheshraj Kandel
Sheshraj Kandel
3 years ago

Congrats to everyone of us.

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