Mailroom Outsourcing: What It Is & How Your Business Benefits

Posted by Smart Data Solutions on January 5th, 2021
Smart Data Solutions

Mailroom solutions were once a common and expected business expense. Maintaining one in-house requires a large facility footprint, a group of dedicated staff, and loads of equipment that require regular servicing to be maintained. Thus, more and more businesses have seen the benefits of outsourcing their mailroom services to save time, money, space, and more.

What is Mailroom Outsourcing?

Digital mailroom management may include data capture, claim intake, check handling & processing, rejection letters, image archiving, and the processing of many other types of documents and data processing. Mailroom outsourcing means putting all of your mail management services in the hands of a dedicated company.

When businesses decide to take this step, they will look for mailroom outsourcing companies that are fully dedicated to mailroom operations. They have the office space to handle large mail volumes, the technology to stay up to date with the ever-changing demands of digital mail services, and the expertise to handle documents safely and securely.

Outsourcing also includes mailroom automation that you may not have been able to fully integrate into your in-house mailroom. This is very important and ensures higher security despite being off-site. It comes with it increase data backup and security, protected access, and 24/7 data protection. Your chosen vendor will have the knowledge and expertise needed for your business to be fully compliant in the industry.

How Do Businesses Benefit From Outsourcing?

There are many benefits for businesses that outsource their mailroom management.

Increased Efficiency

Mailroom operations benefit from scale allowing larger operations to function more efficiently than an in-house solution. By outsourcing critical workflows to another organization, it frees up a lot of touchpoints that may have occurred in-house that only slowed down the process. A dedicated team means less hold-up in your organization and far more efficient practices.

Smaller Footprint

The physical footprint of your existing mailroom takes up space that could be re-purposed for other departments or functions. A mail center needs a lot of room for people, storage, and equipment. Removing that need for space means lower operating costs and more room for other, more pertinent departments and work.

Up-To-Date Technology

One of the major benefits of outsourcing services provider is their ability to always have the best, most recent technology readily available. Their internal IT team quickly and easily updates systems to stay up-to-date and relevant within the industry. This means no more interruptions internally with workflow or other core business operations.

No Training

In line with consistent technology usage, there is also consistent training in the most current processes and best practices. Challenges that come with training employees, or not, is no longer an issue. The outsourced mailroom solution you choose will take care of hands-on employee training and continuing education, with no effect on your processes. You can then see an increase in employee productivity thanks to that mailroom automation.

Increased Compliance

Managing an internal mailroom can be difficult with little to no oversight or transparency in the processes. Dedicated mailroom management service providers  build very solid practices based on industry compliance rules and regulations. By outsourcing, your business will not need to concern themselves with those intricacies, they will all be handled within organizations that already focus on mailroom compliance measures.

More Data Security

Information security is handled with delicate precision and care within these facilities. Businesses benefit from increased data security and protections preventing data breaches of sensitive digital and paper documents. These facilities have highly advanced security systems to ensure anything coming in or out is protected by password-protected accessibility, data breach protocols, and training to prevent human error or other miscellaneous issues.


The growth potential of in-house solutions require new equipment, additional personnel, and possibly an expansion of the mailroom space. Eliminating the need to manage those solutions in-house creates more scalability internally. Processes can be improved and simplified to ensure more time and effort is dedicated to other areas of the business.

Streamlined Workflow

By removing a major section of complicated steps that are required by claims processing, data capture, and other mailroom automation procedures, your business can heavily streamline internal workflows. Rather than needing to have multiple touchpoints in one location, they now can rely on the fact that their data gets processed elsewhere and will be quickly accessible to them shortly, without any internal heavy lifting.

In regards to claims and bill pay, outsourced mailrooms can simply process these documents within their secure systems and automatically send it back to your systems and ensure payments get auto-deposited to the proper accounts in a timely manner.

Improved Communication

Rather than access data across multiple platforms and systems, outsourced mailrooms can easily integrate with any system their business partners require. This means no fumbling around systems and transferring uncompliant documents. This is also good for data security.

Business communications improve thanks to the dedicated experts having the knowledge to answer any questions and resolving any issues within minutes. They’ve been prepped for anything and make communication lines easier than ever.

Businesses will also see an improvement in the customer experience with real-time results, secure digital communication, and easy document transfers.

Lower Overhead

Thanks to all of the benefits above, businesses can save a lot of money on overhead. Without the need to hire and manage personnel, training materials, equipment maintenance, IT costs, security systems, and more, they will save on overhead costs.

By outsourcing your mailroom, your business will have the time and room to improve overall business operations, and in turn, easing the burden of managing such time-sensitive processes and service levels. The downtick in incoming mail, customer inquiries, paper mail, and labor costs should be enough to show that mailroom outsourcing is an incredible business opportunity in any industry.

The comprehensive mailroom management solutions provided by Smart Data Solutions ensure organizations see instant results and rest easy knowing their data is taken care of. To get started, contact us here.

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