Beyond OCR: Intelligent Data Capture

Posted by Smart Data Solutions on April 29th, 2021
Smart Data Solutions

Overall processing speed improved by 61% along with improvements in data quality.

Every year, medical claims processing involves scanning and analyzing literally billions of documents and each document has thousands of characters. Correctly capturing this information has long plagued consistent, accurate automated data capture for reliable workflow decision making and archiving.

The Client Challenge

Historically, state-of-the-art data capture used optical character recognition (OCR) software to partially automate the process. However, this technology had many quality problems, resulting in extensive error checking by employees. For 20 years, there were only modest iterative improvements to OCR and problematic data capture resulted in:

The SDS Solution

In 2018, Smart Data Solutions began applying its proprietary AI capabilities to give data capture a better than human brain solution. Our AI bots are rapidly self-learning as they teach themselves the context and meaning of data being analyzed. This dramatically reduces error rates, improves data quality and accelerates speed of data capture.

The Results

Beyond OCR: Intelligent Data Capture 1

SDS’ intelligent data capture has transformed the data capture process for medical document processing.  In addition to improved data quality, overall processing speed has improved by 61%. This allows for better data availability in workflow decision-making, faster decisions, far better quality and lower-cost archived data. Improve your organization’s data capture with intelligent solutions by SDS. Contact us to get started.



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