Electronic Data Capture: The Superpower Behind Dental eClaims

Posted by Smart Data Solutions on February 7th, 2022
Smart Data Solutions

It’s no secret that dental billing workflows are a tedious time commitment for dental practices. How well these workflows are managed impacts both dental Providers and the experience patients have. 

Smart Data Solutions (SDS) knows just how complex these workflows can be. Our expertise in dental eClaims comes from understanding the practical benefits that streamlined dental insurance claims processing has for Providers. To continue advancing our solutions for dental eClaims, SDS implements machine learning and automation to create adaptable, streamlined workflows. 

How does Machine Learning and Automation Aid Dental eClaims Processing?

Machine learning gives systems the ability to be updated or programmed to adapt to change. Through repetition, the system picks up on unique templates or processes that are similar and automatically takes action when it recognizes them. By applying artificial intelligence (AI) to a workflow, SDS gives that workflow the ability to “learn,” hence the term machine learning. 

Think about your most visited places on your smartphone map application for example. After visiting a location several times, map apps learn the pattern of behavior and suggest an often-visited location.

Automating dental claims is beneficial beyond its ability to proactively learn. The most obvious advantage is that it greatly reduces manual effort, and thus the risk of human errors. 

Decreasing any hands-on task greatly improves throughput, meaning patients receive claims faster, and practices receive payments in a more timely manner. By letting machines handle time-consuming claims workflows, personnel can focus on cultivating a more person-centered approach within dental Providers.

Brains Behind Optimization: Machine Learning and Automation For Dental eClaims

As we’re sure many dental service Providers can attest, processing dental claims is a task that requires dedicated attention and energy. Like all industries, time and energy equals money. Processing dental claims absorbs vital time from dental practices, stealing energy that could be better used to enhance the patient experience, focus on patient retention, and ultimately make more of a profit for the practice. 

The 2020 CAQH Index found that automating administrative transactions, like claims processing, gives this valuable time and energy back to the dental Providers and patients. By automating administrative processes, the dental industry saved an additional $3 billion in costs from 2019 to 2020, with the largest annual savings continuing to be eligibility and benefit verification. 

Although electronic transactions are more efficient, processes through partially electronic web portals or fully manual methods are becoming more expensive and time-consuming. Standards and operating rules are required to be updated more frequently to adapt to changing business needs. Implementing machine learning can aid these processes and has become a key component of SDS’ workflow for that reason.

Optimized Dental eClaims Strengthens Person-Centered Care

Person-centered care is more than a buzzword. This 2018 study reported care that is patient-centric produces healthier patient-provider relationships and can increase profitability. 

Person-centered care starts with learning the contextual elements that shape a person’s behavior, decisions, and barriers to health. Upon learning this knowledge, dental Providers can develop opportunities to enhance the healthcare experience. 

Implementation of person-centered care, from organizations such as the National Academy of Medicine, showed a reduction in annual medical charges, the promotion of effective change for patients and healthcare professionals, and an increase in patient happiness.

Smart Data Solutions’ goal is to streamline the dental eClaims process to ensure that dental Providers have their attention, and subsequent care, on their patients. Lifting the burden of these administrative tasks creates a stronger person-centered care system.

Dental eClaims You Don’t Have to Worry About

Smart Data Solutions is continuously advancing how we support dental eClaims so Providers have time for what matters most. Machine learning and automation is the newest step in this progression. 

Contact SDS today to see how we can help improve your dental eClaims and patient care.

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