3 Reasons Clearinghouses are a Quick Win for EMR Optimization

Posted by Smart Data Solutions on April 6th, 2022
Smart Data Solutions

Data is growing exponentially and, as long as the population continues to grow, so will the data associated with electronic record keeping. This is especially prevalent in the health and medical industries, and in digital record keeping specifically. 

Optimizing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Electronic Health Records (EHR) is a critical step in efficiently and accurately transferring the proper information to the right places, so healthcare data stays organized and can be used effectively, no matter the quantity. 

Most healthcare businesses are aware of the importance of implementing EMR optimization services, however, implementation can be an uphill battle because of how disparate and complex the software is—and how quickly components like local or cloud storage can change. 

When EMR systems do get implemented, they’re often massive undertakings. This leads to the system’s more robust objectives, like EMR optimization, taking a backseat to everything else and leaving users with a “modern” but incomplete system for EMR management. 

Full-service clearinghouses have emerged as a perfect solution for EMR vendors looking to quickly and efficiently optimize their EMR workflows while reducing the workload on in-house staff and maintaining, or improving, business relationships with EMR clients. Here are three benefits you can expect when you partner with a clearinghouse for EMR/EHR.

3 Reasons Clearinghouses are a Quick Win for EMR Optimization 1



Reduced Administrative Time

A clearinghouse partner can be a golden ticket for offloading tedious data entry tasks. Scans of medical records can be sent to a clearinghouse, such as Smart Data Solutions, where the data is parsed and sent back as a native EMR file type. 

This allows EMR vendors to focus on more important issues than electronic data interchange. These EMRs are delivered in any file type necessary, making them ready for future use no matter your workflow. Plus, relying on automation and machine learning produces demonstrably lower error rates for data integrity.

Clearinghouses can take batched submissions for further reduced administrative time. Thousands of submissions can be processed at once, allowing teams to meet processing goals more easily.

Increased Automation for Always-On Claims Monitoring

Clearinghouses save time up and downstream by ensuring the efficient transmission of accurate data, but also by identifying claim errors in minutes rather than days. 

Optimizing EMR workflows by partnering with a clearinghouse allows for significantly more monitoring on any given document as well. Because the clearinghouse converts these traditional medical records into electronic files, our software can analyze information lightning-fast, no matter the time of day, and without the need for human input.

Submission kickbacks or error notifications happen almost instantaneously, allowing any flags to be addressed in a timely fashion. If the status or encoding of a certain record needs to be changed, it can be done so easily and resubmitted quickly without starting the traditional process all over. 

This constant monitoring means that everyone experiences faster payments, allowing leaders and executives to get more accurate revenue forecasting—a critical aspect for any growing business.

Faster, More Accurate Processing Leads to Better Relationships

Accuracy has long been a stumbling block in claims processing. Humans are prone to error and because of this, countless amounts of time and money have been squandered due to inaccurate information, which can lead to frustrations not only at the institution that’s coding and sending records but also for anyone on the receiving end.

Tapping into a clearinghouse for EMR optimization offers more accurate processing, fewer denied claims, and ultimately a better working relationship between companies. This is particularly true in the insurance industry, where accurate data allows for higher claim success and expedited payments. 

If manual file conversion has slowed down your EMR workflow, then let Smart Data Solutions bridge the gap between your internal processes and EMR optimization. Faster and more accurate EHRs, reduced workload, and better business relationships are waiting! 

Smart Data Solutions has the ability to implement Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) to enable data interoperability between EMRs and other systems, as well as supporting CAQH CORE standards and operating rules.

View our EMR/EHR Services and request a free consultation to get started.

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