Simplify The Steps To Upgrading Your Digital Mailroom

Posted by Smart Data Solutions on July 7th, 2022
Smart Data Solutions

The mailroom is an essential step in healthcare claims processing. Optimizing all the associated processing workflows can seem like a monumental undertaking. Learn how Smart Data Solutions untangles the complexity of mailroom operations through a collaborative approach to digital mailroom optimization.

Mailrooms across the country can easily become complicated and disorganized because of inattention to optimizing processes as businesses grow. While critical, mailrooms are often given less priority than other projects around a facility, as they are seen as a monotonous requirement instead of a growth engine. 

Time and time again, we hear about the same problems Payers face with mailrooms:  processes that are stitched together over time, workflows that “work” but aren’t efficient, and several minor hiccups that could be eliminated with modern technology. 

It’s understandable how we got here. 

Healthcare systems are in a conflicting time when some Payers prefer paper, others prefer digital, and security requirements are far from standardized. The disorder of mailroom operations can grow in complexity over time, leading many teams to patch solutions on a case-by-case basis or simply soldier on using outdated workflows.

The problem with mailroom operations, as you’re likely aware, is that there is no ubiquitous approach to handling them. Every mailroom is unique and thus requires the right solution that will enable Payers to optimize their workflows. Still, just because mailrooms are esoteric, doesn’t mean you’re stuck with using legacy systems. 

At Smart Data Solutions, we’ve spent 20+ years working with Payers to implement the latest solutions for outsourced mailroom services. Discover how to take charge of your digital mailroom with Smart Data Solutions at your side. 

Paper Hangs On Despite The Digital Mailroom Takeover

“Digital mailroom” begets the idea that your mailroom will be a high-tech hive of bytes flying in and out of cyberspace. However, the reality of this is that those pesky paper submissions are still widely utilized, and for many, are still the most efficient way of submitting claims and other paperwork. If you’re hoping that the world of healthcare will go paperless soon, you’ll more than likely be hoping for a long time. 

Just because paper is still prominent doesn’t mean that digitization isn’t happening. Modern technology can extract and sort all types of information, turning data from ink on paper to searchable, categorical information.

We Take Digital Mailroom Solutions Seriously

The issue of marrying physical submissions with digital communications has always been a complicating factor for mailrooms. Outsourcing mailroom operations is a popular option and a field where SDS particularly excels. We emphasize performing an operational assessment to understand your current mailroom operations, areas for optimization and requirements teams need to make updated mailroom processes successful. Then we put together a strategy to ease the congestion of your mailroom — and its associated headaches.

Simplify The Steps To Upgrading Your Digital Mailroom 1

No Job Is Too Big

Managing multiple P.O. boxes and various processing workflows for claims, attachments, and additional forms can be complex. With paper data capture functions, SDS can create a seamless integration of physical correspondents with your digital ones.

We don’t shy away from high volumes either. We’ve helped mailrooms process tens of thousands of documents per day, including one case in which we consolidated 40+ P.O. boxes to improve the quality of capture and turnaround time.

SDS specializes in using robust machine learning to simplify paper submissions and to classify correspondence types so that they can be properly categorized or routed. 

Not only does this automation result in overall efficiencies but the liberation of human capital as well. Staff members are now freed to pursue more valuable and rewarding projects rather than chaperoning a mailroom to ensure proper sorting, filing, and everything in-between. 

If your mailroom is in need of a performance upgrade, reach out to Smart Data Solutions to get started. We’ll identify areas of optimization, develop a strategy based on your business needs, and work toward setting milestones to deliver the highest impact to your bottom line.

Contact Smart Data Solutions to get started with a consultation today.

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