Prioritize Patients with High-Touch Healthcare Claims Processing

Posted by Smart Data Solutions on January 23rd, 2023
Smart Data Solutions

What do today’s patients care about? The National Library of Medicine concluded patients evaluate their healthcare experiences based on several factors, including: 

All of these add up to one theme: creating a positive Patient experience. Prioritizing patients is essential in today’s human-centric healthcare system. 

Research in Forbes shows that medical bills are a top stressor for consumers. The administrative medical claim process is where Smart Data Solutions (SDS) helps provide faster processing and higher accuracy by using intelligent automation. Our standard of service equips Payers and Providers to prioritize the Patient experience on the billing side of healthcare.

4 Examples of High-Touch Healthcare Claims Processing

Clearinghouse services are common, but finding a vendor with the expertise to advise on incremental optimizations is what sets Smart Data Solutions apart. Here are four examples of how SDS puts customers first in every healthcare claims processing workflow.

As a healthcare claims clearinghouse with 20+ years of experience, SDS has helped countless companies optimize administrative processing workflows. Through evaluating many systems, we know the quick wins relevant to most companies and the long-term improvements that can be made over time. Whether customers need basic workflows or complex correspondence, we can do both, ensuring the best solution for any situation.

We know the value of having direct access to the technical team behind your account. We’ve seen how a simple conversation between the right people leads to a shared understanding. When our customers call SDS, they are talking with a technologist who has experience with their specific account. This connection reduces administrative time and potential miscommunication from relaying messages.

Two aspects of healthcare claims processing that make partnerships successful are the technology and the IT professionals behind it. At Smart Data Solutions, we lean into intelligent automation by pushing the envelope on the technology used to support automated processing, such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR). We have the ability to customize software solutions for specific use cases when it makes sense for our customers. This dedication to in-house automation and machine learning contributes to the high-touch experience that sets SDS apart.

We understand that business continuity is essential for our customers, which is why we’re available 24/7. In fact, we have a rigorous same-day response time to ensure timely resolutions.

Smart Data Solutions’ requirement is same-day response time if the request is received before 4:45 pm Central Monday through Thursday and 3:00 pm Central on Friday. 

This is fully tracked and audited to ensure customer satisfaction is our top priority. When you call SDS, we don’t put you through an automated system; we’re real people on the line, ready to help.

The high-touch approach SDS takes with our customers has a ripple effect on the way Payers and Providers interact with their Patients. SDS aids our customers in timely billing downstream with accurate information processed upstream — a standard Patients have come to expect from their healthcare system.

Put Patients First with Timely + Accurate Healthcare Claims Processing

The stakes are high when you’re dealing with people. While the healthcare claims processing system has many variables, focusing on the Patient experience within the variables we control is the best place to improve. Timely and accurate medical billing is one way to avoid contributing to the stressors of medical billing. 

SDS equips Payers and Providers with the technology and expertise needed to optimize their claims processing systems. Contact SDS today for a consultation to get started toward a better administrative workflow.

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