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Smart Data Solutions Acquires ClaimLynx Clearinghouse

August 3, 2022 – Eagan, Minnesota – Smart Data Solutions (SDS), a leading provider of data management, claim routing, and workflow solutions to Health Plans and TPAs, acquires ClaimLynx, a Minnesota-based medical claims clearinghouse. The move to acquire ClaimLynx first started in Q1 of 2021, as Smart Data Solutions was looking to expand its clearinghouse […]

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How Do Dental Billing Services Work?

Dental billing service entities are essentially the middleman between the dental providers and the insurance payers. The dental billing process is complex and messy, requiring hands-on attention. Unfortunately, many dental practices are on the smaller side. Typically, the administration and billing services are combined, leaving little to no time to handle each function appropriately which […]

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dental care workflow

Dental Claims Processing Workflow: Tools and Processes to Increase Efficiency

Analyzing dental claims processing workflows for ways to optimize efficiency starts with a foundational understanding of the extensive journey a dental claim goes through before a patient receives the final bill. Drafting the final dental bill requires the claim to go through 12 or so steps, providing many opportunities for error that ultimately can harm […]

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dental insurance claims processing

Dental Insurance Claims Processing 101

Dental claims processing entails all aspects of giving care to patients, starting from the moment a patient is registered until the explanation of benefits (EOB) and payments are completed. Dental insurance claims are submitted via paper and electronically.   Electronic transactions are where clearinghouses such as the Smart Data Stream Clearinghouse come in.  Clearinghouses give dental […]

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workers comp claim

Workers’ Comp Claims Process: Understanding the Steps Involved

If you’ve never had to file a workers’ comp claim, they can be a little complicated to understand. There are numerous steps involved, and it requires the diligence of both the employer and the insurer to file the claim correctly. Thanks to the help of property and casualty businesses, or other front-end providers, all parties […]

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Electronic Claims Attachments Still a Rarity in the Healthcare Industry

Electronic claims attachments, or eAttachments, are additional documents that go along with a medical claim that does not fit into the constraints of the claim itself. The attachments provide supplemental information the claims processor will use in processing the claim. These may include operative and discharge summary forms associated with the procedure claim, a Certificate […]

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