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Senior Consultant of Program Management

Smart Data Solutions (SDS) is a technology leader in healthcare process automation and interoperability.  A career at SDS is both challenging and rewarding.  With over 500 colleagues across the globe, we’ve created an open and honest culture where we value constant learning and new ideas – no matter what role you’re in at SDS.  We are […]

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data icons at the palm of a hand

The Future of the Digital Mailroom

A mailroom is a key component of traditional healthcare claims and correspondence processing. As advancements continue to be made, mailrooms continue to digitize with the help of automation. What is a digital mailroom, you may ask? Let’s find out. What is a Digital Mailroom, and How Does it Work? Mailroom management is a unique sector […]

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data capture charts

Improving Medical Forms Processing Using Automated Data Capture Solutions 

Automated data capture pulls information electronically from paper forms using OCR and other capture software. This information is then formatted and converted into electronic data files for processing in downstream systems. These automated processes have replaced much of the manual data entry and the inefficiencies associated with those legacy processes. What Types of Forms Have […]

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